My Extra Eye A1

Buy My Extra Eye Personal Security camera and enjoy personalized security.


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The world's first and only personal security device.

With My Extra Eye camera, you can see behind you without turning around and see the areas you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

Meet the Future of Your Personal Security

My Extra Eye is a unique wearable technology that allows you to see behind you without turning around. It provides personal protection against unforeseen attacks, events, muggings, pick pockets etc. A discrete camera that can be worn on the back and it transmits the images onto your smartphone in front of you. If you see something suspicious you can take a picture or record. In these days of attacks, fears, muggings etc. everybody needs an extra eye – MY EXTRA EYE.

15 Hrs of Battery Life


Motion Detection

180 o Rotating Lens

Sync Audio & Video

Back Clip Design

Remote Access

7M Night Vision

iOS/Android App

Magnetic Shield

1080 P

Cloud Storage

Perfect personal security, for you.

You don't just wear it,
you feel it.

My Extra Eye camera uses sensors to alert of the dangers around you.