How it Works

My Extra Eye is a unique wearable technology that allows you to see behind you without turning around. It provides personal protection against unforeseen attacks, events, muggings, pick pockets etc. A discrete camera that can be worn on the back and it transmits the images onto your smartphone in front of you. If you see something suspicious you can take a picture or record. In these days of attacks, fears, muggings etc. everybody needs an extra eye – MY EXTRA EYE.

First off: buy a My Extra Eye camera

Buy your device and download the HIDVCAM camera app for iPhone or Android.

Connect your smartphone

Complete the camera and phone setup as described in the instructional manual in your package.


Using the attached clip, wear the camera at your back. It can be attached to your clothes, backpack, belt, bicycle etc.

See behind you

With My Extra Eye at your back, you can livestream images to your smartphone in front of you.

See around you

To see areas around you, keep the camera in the area you need to see for live streaming to your smartphone.

Remote view

Your downloaded iPhone or Android app will allow you or anyone to watch your camera from anywhere in the world using a WiFi connection.
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